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January 3 Tuesday -- Around 3:45am

The later the night became, the more vacant the streets became. Ryo was walking home, pulling his coat closer to his body. His senses were becoming alert as he was sobering up. He wasn’t worried though; he grew up in a not so good neighborhood. He knew how to avoid trouble and for the most part, could handle what trouble found him.

He had been out drinking and playing video games with coworkers. There were only a few days left of break, and Ryo was intent on enjoying each day to its fullest. If he couldn’t be with Rika, then he spent his day with friends. His coworkers were mostly older, out of high school already, but because they had a few underagers with them, they stuck to drinking at a friend’s place. Ryo had spent most of the day there drinking, until the girls showed up. They were attention seekers, looking for a hook up and a free drink. One was quite fond of Ryo. He ignored the flirting and the playful touching, laughing it off.  That is, until her touching became intimate. Caught in the moment, Ryo didn’t stop her, until he remembered his current quest with Rika. Turning this girl down was one of the hardest things he had to do. To make sure he wasn’t tempted, he called it a night and left.

The sound of an aluminum can being crushed under a foot startled Ryo. He adjusted his cap as he looked around. The source of the noise came from a small road that cut across the path Ryo was on. Four punks with obscure haircuts dyed all sorts of colors, who were covered in leather and studs, and all smoking Wild Seven cigarettes were walking towards him. Ryo’s eyes narrowed at their appearance. They weren’t the typical thugs out here, but they were in a group and that could prove dangerous. Ryo noted a baseball bat that one guy held, and something smaller like a pocketknife or an ink pen in another guy’s hand. There was no way he was going to challenge them.

He slowed to a stop and waited for them to approach, hands in his pockets. “I ain’t got nothin’ ya want, bros. Don’t waste yer time.” They sneered, but didn’t turn away. “I’m sure you have something. Cash, MP3, phone?” one spoke, as they fanned out around him.

“If I live out here, den obviously, I’m brokeass.” Ryo said pulling out a wallet from his pocket, He opened it, took a few yen out and threw them on the ground. He never carried much with him. He was smart enough to know that. One of the guys went forward and collected with spare change. “Bullshit. Give me your phone,” the guy urged. Ryo’s phone was in his pocket. He considered it but didn’t move. The guy with the bat shifted so the bat was resting on his shoulder, so that Ryo could clearly see it. “Don’t make us have to check to make sure ya ain’t lying.”

Ryo closed his eye, sighing in frustration. He knew they weren’t kidding. Even if he really didn’t have a phone, they would beat him unconscious just to make sure. He pulled out his phone from his pocket, holding it out to them. They sneered again as one snatched it from his hand. Ryo got to practice self control for a second time today as he kept from attacking the guy closest to him. His breathing was heavy as he fought to keep himself from lashing out.

He could see that the small thing in the guy’s hand was a knife. They were talking amongst themselves, satisfied in their new toy. One of the guys swung his fist towards Ryo but stopped, only feinting and trying to get Ryo to flinch. His intentions were easily read, and Ryo held his ground. If the guy were to take an actual swing, it’d be different. He did not.

They were gone as quickly as they came. Ryo was back on his way phone, even more irritated than he had been earlier. Looks like the next paycheck was going towards a new phone. Hopefully Rika wouldn’t think he was ignoring her.


December 31 Saturday -- Around 7

Ryo pushed the door closed behind him with his foot. His hands were full with carrying bags with containers of soba in it. He had got toshikoshi soba, a special noodle dish of long, thin noodles that were a popular New Year's Eve dish. So popular, in fact, it wasn't impossible to get them on this day. Luckily he had the hook up from his friend Yosuke who happened to work at a ramen shop that carried them. He was sure Rika would be impressed.

She was supposed to come over tonight. He was a little embarrassed with her seeing his place of habitat, but he wouldn't be able to cuddle with her at her house. His mom was busy with work on the holidays. She wouldn't be home tonight. That left the house to them.

He had put a little effort into cleaning that morning. Not much could be done with the cluttered, small room, but it did look a lot better without beer cans littering the place. He even got out the fancy glassware that they never used anymore to serve the soba in.

On top of the fridge sat the present he had gotten for Rika. The tape Kazuya had given him was also supposed to be a late birthday present for her, but since it was kinda a big thing, he thought it'd be okay to combine it with New Year's present. Besides, the soba was pretty pricey.

He glanced at the clock, wondering if he should have offered to meet her at the train station. He didn't live in the best of neighborhoods, and he hoped she wouldn't get lost finding it.

December 11 Sunday -- Around 5

Rika’s birthday had been some time ago, and Ryo still had yet to get her the present that he had in mind. To hold off, he had bought her something back in October. He wanted to get her something special and he knew exactly what he wanted to get her. The problem was obtaining it.

Ryo was at Miyavi’s house. The Nakamura’s were working on a new edition of their paper. Ryo really didn’t have to be there, he had nothing to contribute except for running errands, but he wanted to use this opportunity to ask Kazuya a favor.

Throughout the day, he was really quiet as he tried to find that perfect moment to slip the question in. Asking Kazuya a favor wasn’t a simple task. Getting him to agree to the favor was an entirely different story. He really wanted to get this for Rika.

Back during the summer, the school had taken a trip. During that trip Rika got caught up in their group’s schemes and ended up doing something with Miyavi. What exactly went on, even Rika wasn’t too sure. But it was all on tape, and Ryo intended to ask Kazuya for the tape.

Taking a deep breath, Ryo just went for it. “Yo Boss-san?”

OOC - Survey

November 30 Wednesday -- 4th Hour

((asked the mod if i could do this))((my bad))

Health 1-Haitani, Kasai, Kira, Naozumi, Ritsuko, Ryo, Saki, Sumie, Yu Ling, Yukimura, Yumi
Sensei Mizoguchi had just finished explaining the health project (note: see http://okitawilliams.livejournal.com/2398.html). The were going to be paired up and given eggs to watch over as if the eggs were babies. At least they weren't those screaming baby dolls. Sex ed were using those. 

To chose the pairings, Mizoguchi had cut paper and wrote their names on it. He was going to draw two at a time, and the resulting names would be couples. The pairings came out as following:

Naozumi and Yukimura
Ryo and Haitani
Ritsuko and Yu Ling
Kasai and Kira
Yumi and Saki
Sumie and Toji ((NPC))

After reading through the names, Mizoguchi stated outloud that next time he would choose a better method because of all the resulting fags this way had permitted. He wasn't upset with the amount of lesbians, however.

***Haitani? Ain't he dat fat boy?*** Ryo thought as he stood to go get his supplies.

November 23 Wednesday -- Before 1st Hour

HMA - Ryo Yamazaki (Eng)-Class Representative: Rika
Haitani, Naozumi, Ritsuko, Ryo, Yumi

Ryo was at his cubby swapping his preferred shoes for the school required slippers.  He wasn't late today as he usually was.  While he wasn't early either, he still had a considerable amount of time to kill than he did most days. 

He took his time going to his class.  Rika had his same first hour, and he was nervous.  He had taken her suggestion the day before and had shaved.  Not only that, Ryo had gotten rid of his braids and got his hair cut short.  His hat covered his hair, but Yamazaki-sensei would make him take it off.

Hands in his pockets, Ryo walked slowly.  Inherently, Ryo was confident with what he was wearing.  With such a drastic change, however, Ryo's confidence wasn't as strong.

((HMR A members - Cinderella Play - Rika, Haitani, Naozumi, Ritsuko, Ryo, Yumi))
((Roles: Cinderella- Ryo; Prince Charming-Rika; Fairy Godmother-Naozumi; Older Stepsister-Ritsuko; Younger Stepsister-Haitani; Evil Stepmother-Yumi))

Ryo walked backstage, tossing off the wig that had been a constant bother to him for the past hour and a half. He was exhausted. They had one performance down, but another one on the following day. Then, he could finally rest.

In his opinion, the play went really well. There were only...a few mistakes. Ryo adjusted the lines a bit to fit his taste. His jeans were noticeable under his dress, especially after he accidently ripped the jeans once. Light cues were off and there were a few problems backstage. Ryo really took advantage of the last kiss between him and Rika, reversing the role of dominance between Cinderella and the Prince. All in all, the play rolled smoothly.

Ryo pulled on his hat as he took off the dress. He wondered whether Rika felt the same way about the play.

November 6 Sunday -- 1pm-ish

It was sometime after noon and Ryo had just gotten up. The house was empty when he did wake meaning his mother was already out and about. Ryo was surprised; usually he was always awake before his mother whom suffered from hangover headaches nearly every morning.

Ryo dug for the remote control in the couch that he used for a bed since the only bedroom belonged to his mother and he didn't want to know what went on there some nights. After flipping on the television, Ryo sat there watching the screen. It didn't take long for this to bore him.

There was always one thing he could do. He could recall back in early October, he had actually beat Rika Kitamura in a shogi match. His prize was a date with her. He didn't want to rush into the date. That could ruin all that he's been working on building. Then as time past, he got a bit nervous whenever he thought of it; he really didn't want to screw this up. Instead, he decided to hold it off a bit longer...

Now here he was with nothing to do and a date he could gone on whenever he wanted long since due. And if he played the cards right...well lets just say, Rika wouldn't be so innocent anymore.

He jumped up and retrieved the number she had scribbled down sometime ago. He then retrieved his phone that barely had any minutes left on it. He didn't have a house phone since his mom put all her money for one into her own cell phone. He then punched in Rika's number and waited.

October 5 Wednesday -- 8pm after school

As Ryo walked to the appointed area, he glanced down continuously at the note Yosuke had given him. The address was familiar, but he just couldn’t put his finger on just what the place was. He knew it was in the part of town that contained most of the night life which gave some clue to where this was leading him.

He was dressed comfortably in clothes that would first come to mind when you think of Ryo: baggy shorts that went down almost to his ankles, a big baggy white t-shirt with a red and white jersey type shirt over it that had some brand name on it. He even wore a matching red and white cap from the same brand and matching red and white Nike brand kustom kix.

When Ryo finally arrived at the place, he could see that it definitely was some sort of club. But why would Yosuke want to meet at a club? Ryo stood aside from the door, waiting for the boy to show up and explain exactly what was going on here.

While he was waiting, he remembered he still needed to set up a date for Rika and him. He had won the shogi match against her, and she had set the scales for the winner. Ryo smiled as these thoughts. He knew he would woe her over eventually. He didn’t even have to do it Miyavi’s way either. Wait till Miyavi heard this. Ryo decided to keep it secret from Miyavi though. He wasn’t sure if the guy was still angry for trespassing in his girl territory.
((4th hour Italian 1 - Ayame, Miyavi, Natsumi, Ryo))
((Saturday Club Shogi - Ichiro, Rika, Ryo, Shuichi))

Everything the teacher said during fourth hour Italian did not register to Ryo. He was too busy arguing with his thoughts that he was dying. Not because of boredom, but because of the heat.

It made no sense to him why the school would force the students to switch to their winter uniforms at the beginning of October. Sure there were those days when strong winds it become quite chilly, but most of the days were blazing hot like it was a day of July! Today was one of those days.

Ryo was too tired, too hot, and too irrated to think at the moment, yet his mind said otherwise. He was thinking about Rika. He was on the edge of giving up on her. She obviously wasn't going to crack and go out with him any time soon. Wait... Go out with him? That's not what he wanted. He just wanted a screw. That's all. A quick fuck before he went on to the next girl. And that wasn't worth risking your life in a fight with Lucifer's Reckoning's boss.

He finally settled on trying a few more times, giving himself a set date in his mind, before he would definitely move on. Almost immediately preceeding, the bell rung, dismissing the students to their clubs or for the ones not in a Saturday club, home.

After he had dropped his books off at his locer (he didn't plan on doing any homework during the weekend) he headed off to the Shogi club. He considered skipping the club and going home for he didn't think he could play a mind game in this heat, but he ended up staying. Besides, skipping a club meeting could get you kicked out depending on the club leader.